for professionals

The goal of STP for professionals is to share Poland’s experience in the building and functioning of state institutions, civil society, a free market economy, and managing European integration. STP’s offer for professionals is addressed to representatives of a range of professional groups from Eastern Europe, South Caucasus, and Central Asia. The visit’s program is adapted to the needs of individual groups, and indicates and inspires solutions that can be used in specific environments.

The program is also aimed at supporting and developing cooperation with Polish partners.

Topics involved
in previous visits

  • Functioning of government structures, central state institutions, international and EU institutions
  • The experience of Polish self-government; support for decentralization processes and local government reform in the countries covered by the Program
  • Dialogue and cooperation between administration and non-governmental organizations
  • The mechanisms of operation of cultural institutions and historical memory
  • Regional development and cross-border cooperation
  • The activities of economic and financial institutions
  • Entrepreneurship and small business development
  • Rural development and ecology
  • Civil rights within a state under the rule of law
  • The system for general education and special education
  • Actions on behalf of people at risk of social exclusion
  • Development of structures and education for leaders of non-governmental organizations
  • Mass media and its role in the democratic process and the professional development of journalists

Study visits

Representatives of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Russia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan may participate in STP for professionals.

State and self-government institutions, as well as social organizations, from the countries covered by the Program may apply to participate in a study visit.

The visits are carried out in cooperation with Polish non-governmental organizations who have experience in implementing international programs in the East. Applications to participate in the program are considered on a continuous basis until the budgetary resources of the STP Program are exhausted for the given year.

Visits are carried out in small groups of people and last about a week. The visits’ participants take part in presentations, lectures, discussion, and meetings with experts and representatives of local government, governmental institutions, and social and economic organizations: practitioners and theoreticians of the Polish transformation. The visits’ program is designed to best suit the needs of specialists visiting Poland.


STP for professionals also organizes internships in Poland.

The length of the stay for an internship is dependent on the trainee’s needs and the demands on the host institution. Trainees have the opportunity to learn about the functioning of the institution and the strategies it has developed.

Pilot internships for three people were implemented In 2017. Two to three people take part in the internships each year.

Recruitment for internships

is implemented in response to demand as indicated by partner institutions in the countries covered by the Program and in Poland.